Baby Bar & Co. is proud to offer their amazing silicone cup lids!  The cup lids will fit in your diaper bag for all of those trips to a restaurant made easy and stress free.

  • dishwasher safe
  • travel friendly
  • storage friendly
  • BPA free
  • medical, food grade & phthalate free 


A great feature for parents is you can have a color scheme for each child. These lids from Baby Bar & Co. are built on the same color scheme as Three Hearts, so you can get anything from a pacifier clip or teether, to a bowl, bib or lids in the same color. These lids are designed to provide various functions without taking over your coveted kitchen storage space!

The lid set includes both a universal sippy cup sleeve and a snack cup sleeve. These sleeves will fit over most cups and is easy to travel with and clean. Our lids also have a ring that allows you to use the pacifier/toy clip to clip onto your stroller, baby, toddler, or car seat. This not only makes it easy for parents but also makes it easy for baby or toddler to reach.

Baby Bar & Co Snack & Sippy Lid Set